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  This website aims to list all the descendants of William Wilberforce, and also ancestors along the Wilberforce/Wilberfoss/ de Wilberfosse line back to the Saxon Ulgar of Eggleston, whose father fought in the battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066
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Other Formats for the family tree

  • A Narrative report of the descendants of William Wilberforce PDF file
  • A summary list of descendants of WW as a pdf file
  • A descendant list of Ilgerus of Eggleston, who was awarded the priory of Wilberfoss and adopted the name Ilgerus de Wilberfoss
  • A pedigree chart of William Wilberforce (PDF)

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You can follow the links up or down generations by clicking on the names in bold at the top or bottom of the page:



Please let me know of any corrections or additions you may suggest.

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Sam Wilberforce - last updated February 2015

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Please note that I am not an expert on family genealogy and have very little information beyond what I have collated on this website. The Wilberfoss and Wilberforce families are quite extensive, andI have concetrated on descendants and ancestors of the abolitionist.